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2015-05 — I’m in Cannes and is open for meetings and new acquaintances.

Feel free to contact me: +79213272650 (Whatsapp, Viber), Facebook:

2015-02-25 — Today we had the great honor to present the film “Defenders of Life” in Cine Magaly, San Jose, together with Ngobe actors from the indigenous reservation of la Casona. Full house and wonderful reaction from the audience. More information:

2014-11-01 — I've started my work under a movie “Defenders of Life” (directed by Dana Darbo) as a Composer. It’ s a social-oriented story about the preservation of indigenous cultures and the enforcement of young girls' human rights in Ngobe, Costa Rica.

2014-12-13 — "Grandmother and Bycicle" won in the "City" program of the festival VELOKINO. 

2014-11-25 — "Grandmother and Bycicle" has entered into a short list of the film festival VELOKINO.

2014-03-04 — The "Paratrooper's Day" movie has entered into a short list of the special program "Trudniy zhanr" ("Difficult Genre") at the "Saint Anna" Film Festival (Moscow, Russia). 

2013-12-25 — The "Paratrooper's Day" won the "Other Lands" program prize "The Best Movie" at The Moscow Short Film Festival "Debut Film" (Moscow, Russia).

2013-10-01 — The movie “Paratrooper’s Day“ will premiere on the 24th October 2013 at 8 pm (Moscow time) at the St. Petersburg Studio of documentary films in St. Petersburg, Russia. You are welcome to join us!

2013-25-08 — Special Prize of Film Critics "Silver snow goggles" on the 1st International Yakutsk Film Festival (Yakutsk, Russia). 

2013-07-04 — Gran-prix at the film festival "Provincial Russia", Eysk, Russia.

2013-28-06 — Received the “Nikolay Ovsyannikov” creative support award during the international film festival “Festival of Festivals" (St. Petersburg, Russia).

2013-01-06 — The first screenings of the movie “Paratrooper’s Day” will hold during the program of the 21st international film festival “Festivals of Festivals” in St. Petersburg (Russia).

2013-21-05 — Award in the field of humor and satire "Golden Joker". The winner in the category "Movies" for the SHORT STORIES, Moscow, Russia. 

2012-10-01 — An official premiere of the movie SHORT STORIES in St.Petersburg and Moscow will be on November, 7 and 13. The Russian hire of the movie will be from November, 15. The hire of the film carries out Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing

2012-09-28 — Grand Prix for the feature movie SHORT STORIES (Rasskazi) at "Vivat, Russian cinema!", Russia, St.Petersburg.

2012-08-23 — A premiere of the feture movie SHORT STORIES (Rasskazi) at Montreal World Film Festival

2012-06-04 — A premiere of the feature movie SHORT STORIES (Rasskazi) at KINOTAVR, Sochi, Russia. Special Prize of a film critics and for Best scenario. 

2012-06-03 — A presentation of the musical clip WITCH at Jagger Club, St.Petersburg, Russia.

2012-03-04 — Record of a film music for the feture movie SHORT STORIES at a film studio MOSFILM with the Russian State Symphonic Orchestra of Cinematography under control of Sergey Skripka.

2012-01-10 — Work on a soundtrack to a feature movie SHORT STORIES.

2011-10-31 — 2011-11-03 — A premiere of Russian TV series “The Broken Lanterns Streets” is on NTV channel: “Living Beauty”, “Comet of Krypton”, “Return to the prodigal father”, “Road accidents” at NTV Russia.

2011-06-08 — Grand Prix and the "Future Shorts Russia" special award for the short movie “Fastener Solutions” at Kinotavr 2011, Sochi, Russia

2011-05-21 — A premiere of the movie “Fastener Solutions” in the House of Cinema, St. Petersburg, Russia

2011-05-13 — A film-making period of the movie “The Day of D.”

2011-05 — I work under the soundtrack of a movie “Fastener Solutions” (director Mikhail Segal, composer Andjei Petras)

2011-05-03 — A movie “The Loop” is on the NTV Russia channel at 1.45 a.m.

2011-03-11 — A movie “Sculptor of Death” is on the Five channel at 1.45 a.m.

2011-03-07 — A preparatory period of a movie “The Day of D.” (I’m a script writer, a director, a composer)

2010-10-30 — A film-making period of Russian TV series “The Broken Lanterns Streets” is finished.

2010-10-16 — A premiere of the movie “The Loop” is on NTV channel at 10.55 p.m.

2010-10-16 — A movie “Sculptor of Death” is on the TVC channel at 10.10 p.m.

2010-08-02 — A post-production period of the movie “The Loop” is over.

2010-06-30 — A film-making period of the movie “The Loop” for NTV channel is over.

2010-07 — Web-site of a composer, film-director, script-writer Andjei Petras is open. Welcome!