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2014-03-04 — The "Paratrooper's Day" movie has entered into a short list of the special program "Trudniy zhanr" ("Difficult Genre") at the "Saint Anna" Film Festival (Moscow, Russia). 

2013-12-25 — The "Paratrooper's Day" won the "Other Lands" program prize "The Best Movie" at The Moscow Short Film Festival "Debut Film" (Moscow, Russia).

2013-10-01 — The movie “Paratrooper’s Day“ will premiere on the 24th October 2013 at 8 pm (Moscow time) at the St. Petersburg Studio of documentary films in St. Petersburg, Russia. You are welcome to join us!

2013-25-08 — Special Prize of Film Critics "Silver snow goggles" on the 1st International Yakutsk Film Festival (Yakutsk, Russia). 

2013-07-04 — Gran-prix at the film festival "Provincial Russia", Eysk, Russia.

2013-28-06 — Received the “Nikolay Ovsyannikov” creative support award during the international film festival “Festival of Festivals" (St. Petersburg, Russia).

2013-01-06 — The first screenings of the movie “Paratrooper’s Day” will hold during the program of the 21st international film festival “Festivals of Festivals” in St. Petersburg (Russia).

2013-21-05 — Award in the field of humor and satire "Golden Joker". The winner in the category "Movies" for the SHORT STORIES, Moscow, Russia. 

2012-10-01 — An official premiere of the movie SHORT STORIES in St.Petersburg and Moscow will be on November, 7 and 13. The Russian hire of the movie will be from November, 15. The hire of the film carries out Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures Releasing

2012-09-28 — Grand Prix for the feature movie SHORT STORIES (Rasskazi) at "Vivat, Russian cinema!", Russia, St.Petersburg.

2012-08-23 — A premiere of the feture movie SHORT STORIES (Rasskazi) at Montreal World Film Festival

2012-06-04 — A premiere of the feature movie SHORT STORIES (Rasskazi) at KINOTAVR, Sochi, Russia. Special Prize of a film critics and for Best scenario. 

2012-06-03 — A presentation of the musical clip WITCH at Jagger Club, St.Petersburg, Russia.

2012-03-04 — Record of a film music for the feture movie SHORT STORIES at a film studio MOSFILM with the Russian State Symphonic Orchestra of Cinematography under control of Sergey Skripka.

2012-01-10-2012-03-01 — Work on a soundtrack to a feature movie SHORT STORIES.

2011-10-31 - 2011-11-03 — A premiere of Russian TV series “The Broken Lanterns Streets” is on NTV channel: “Living Beauty”, “Comet of Krypton”, “Return to the prodigal father”, “Road accidents” at NTV Russia.

2011-06-08 — Grand Prix and the "Future Shorts Russia" special award for the short movie “Fastener Solutions” at Kinotavr 2011, Sochi, Russia

2011-05-21 — A premiere of the movie “Fastener Solutions” in the House of Cinema, St. Petersburg, Russia

2011-05-13 — A film-making period of the movie “The Day of D.”

2011-05 — I work under the soundtrack of a movie “Fastener Solutions” (director Mikhail Segal, composer Andjei Petras)

2011-05-03 — A movie “The Loop” is on the NTV Russia channel at 1.45 a.m.

2011-03-11 — A movie “Sculptor of Death” is on the Five channel at 1.45 a.m.

2011-03-07 — A preparatory period of a movie “The Day of D.” (I’m a script writer, a director, a composer)

2010-10-30 — A film-making period of Russian TV series “The Broken Lanterns Streets” is finished.

2010-10-16 — A premiere of the movie “The Loop” is on NTV channel at 10.55 p.m.

2010-10-16 — A movie “Sculptor of Death” is on the TVC channel at 10.10 p.m.

2010-08-02 — A post-production period of the movie “The Loop” is over.

2010-06-30 — A film-making period of the movie “The Loop” for NTV channel is over.

2010-07 — Web-site of a composer, film-director, script-writer Andjei Petras is open. Welcome!